Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Website

We have been sent the following press release regarding a new website dedicated to TB in alpacas.

New Website bTB in Alpacas and llamas (Camelids)

Dianne Summers, Dr Gina Bromage, and recently resigned B.A.S. Chair Mike Birch have developed a new website dedicated to the subject of bTB in Camelids.

The purpose of the website is two-fold – first and foremost is to help camelid herds who come down to Tb and secondly to educate camelid owners on the serious issue of bTB with the hope it will reduce the risk of it happening to them.

Prior to its release we have sent the Website to:

1. All the members of the TB Support Group (Owners who have been or are currently under restriction and that are members of the Group) Not all camelid owners who have been affected by Tb join the Group.

We wanted to make sure the members of the TB Support group were happy with the content because after all it is their data that they have kindly provided that has produced many of the documents on the site.

2. To a small selection of the TB Update Group (Alpaca owners/vets/etc who want to learn everything they can on TB in camelids)

3. Our contacts at DEFRA, VLA and Animal Health who work closely with the Camelid TB Support group.

We wanted to make sure DEFRA VLA AH were also happy with its content and we needed them to verify we hadn’t given out any wrong information.

We asked for feedback comments and suggestions from all 3 groups and set them a deadline of Wednesday October 6th. We then made changes accordingly.

We did not get one negative feedback. All feedback was positive and constructive.

Without exception, all supported the new website – all agreed it was highly informative and contained a wealth of information all in one place.

We hope you feel the same.

Please email the website link to anyone you know who owns, or has an interest in camelids, and ask them to do the same. Information and knowledge is our best weapon at present.

We have asked that the B.A.S. British Alpaca Society and B.L.S. British llama Society inform all their members about the website by email and put a link to it on their respective websites.

All updates from now on will be on the website so please check the website often for up to date news and information.

Kindest Regards

Dianne Summers – Gina Bromage and Mike Birch
email :