Monday, 3 May 2010

Forms for Download

Here are the documents that all responsible breeders and owners must adhere to.

The self declaraion form must also be filled in when attending shows.

Avoid doing business or trading with anybody who refuses to comply with the BAS Code of Conduct or refuses to give a self-declaration form.

If you must attend an alpaca show then do not attend one that does not follow the BAS Show Guildelines.

All these have been put in place to protect you and your animals.

Just click on any of the words in red to download the required forms.


  1. Thanks so much for putting these on your blog.
    Can I suggest you do not do business with anyone who doesn't adhere to these rules - better still notify the BAS and this blog if anyone breaches these rules.
    If a breeder says its all a load of rubbish - then avoid them like the plague.

  2. I think if you want to buy alpacas then you contact the TB support group for a list of responsible breeders.