Thursday, 29 April 2010

Case History 3


This is a PM film of an alapaca that was given up as a dangerous contact in a herd with a Tb breakdown.

When Dianne had an alpaca develop a cough it was isolated, and then had to make the horrendous decision on which other animal to put with him as a companion. None of us envy that position.

When the animal with the cough did not get better after treatment Dianne made the decision to euthanise and Animal Health allowed the companion to be given up as a dangerous contact. He couldn't be put back with the rest, it is remarkable that this film is of the companion and NOT the alpaca with the cough. These lesions in his throat were highly infectious and he must have been spreading Tb with every breath. He weighed 97kg on PM and was showing no symptoms whatsoever.

If he had not been chosen as a companion he may well have been in the field infecting the rest of the herd and may never have developed symptoms.

This alpaca could have been in the next pen to you at a show or in with your agisted alpacas for mating.

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