Friday, 30 April 2010

Veterinary Advice to Protect You and Your Herd

Many of you will have heard of Dr Gina Bromage MA, VetMB, DVM, MRCVS through the BAS TB Awareness Meetings. She is highly respected in the camelid industry with over 10 years experience and also the author of ‘Llamas and Alpacas A Guide to Management.'

Gina’s advice in the current situation is:

“ Minimise infection with herd health practices. We can begin immediately.

Mixing of live animals for shows and matings has to stop until we have a reliable ante mortem test."

At no time has Gina said that there is an ‘acceptable’ risk in showing despite being quoted as such in some recent advertising for halter shows.

TB is a zoonotic disease, which means it is transmissible from animals to humans and vice versa. This is why it is a notifiable disease. The cure for humans is lengthy and they can carry and transmit the disease whilst displaying no noticeable symptoms. The main means of humans contracting the disease is inhaling close to the infected patient, and remember just how far they can spit. If you do want to cuddle and stroke your animals you need to be as sure as possible they are Tb free.

If any of your alpacas die they must be Post Mortemed as they may have been displaying no recognisable outward signs of TB even if they have it.

The best way to protect your animals is to manage a ‘closed herd’.

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